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JCCA donates mower, weed eaters to sheriff’s office
A lot of them have their own cemetery associations, but then some of them don’t. The ones that don’t have an association, there was no one at all looking after them.” Wray, who is a funeral director ... kids with nothing else to do, just kids being ...
Pet Talk: Pet memorial services help owners put pets to rest peacefully
Happy Valley residents Steve and Blanca Marston were heartbroken when their yellow Lab, Sierra, recently died unexpectedly after complications from surgery. What made the Marstons’ grief slightly more manageable was discovering Paws at Rest Pet Memorial ...
Ride will fund wreaths at national cemetery
Sponsored by the West Virginia Jeep Club, the ride will leave the West Virginia National Cemetery in Pruntytown at 10 a.m. and ... to get as much done as quickly as possible. A military funeral is planned in Mannington on Sunday. But it’s probably ...
A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, July 20, 2013 in Greenwood Cemetery ... are by Carlisle Funeral Home, Inc., Tarboro. Online condolences may be directed to the family by visiting www.carlislefuneralhome.com “For everything there ...
Funeral costs challenge low-income budgets
The state Department of Transitional Assistance is required by law to provide $1,100 for funeral and burial expenses for each indigent person, or unknown person found dead, according to agency spokesman Matthew Kitsos. The stipend comes with ...
Casket hunting design coffin
Antique Primitive Wood Small Child's Coffin Casket Trunk 34"
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1968 Northwestern Casket Ad 1956 1959 Ford Truck wl8862-MIFNNH
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Child's Casket Vault Combination Children's Casket Children's Vault 42 Inch
Ray of Colors Bohemian Memorial Casket Spray Silk Ban of Flowers Headstone Grave
Cemetery Pink White Lily Valentines Day Funeral Sympathy Grave Saddle Urn Flower
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Funeral costs challenge low-income budgets
"It was $10,000 for his funeral ... cemetery plot, embalming and hearse transportation. A CNN Money article last year said the typical price for traditional funeral and burial had risen to $10,000 or more. A medium-priced wood or metal casket ...
Caskets giving way to urns across the South
But more and more of us will come to rest in an urn ... Maybe that's because the way we live nowadays is different. We're no longer bound to the place where we were born and grew up. People are more mobile, more apt to move far away for jobs.
Fantasy Caskets – For your Dream Funeral
I think planning for our eventual demise is a good thing, we plan for everything else, why not our last hurrah? It used to be that our “send off” options were pretty slim, from a pine box to an extra large perma-seal metallic, a casket was a casket so ...
Funeral directors thinking outside box for Baby Boomers
Today, he has four stores around the country and franchise agreements for more than a dozen others ... options for Boomers’ end-of-life as Starbucks does for their morning coffee.
10 Facts Funeral Directors May Not Tell You
The average cost of a traditional funeral, including embalming and a metal casket, is almost $6,600, according to the most recent data from the National Funeral Directors Association. Cemetery services ... ll tend to believe everything they say, he ...
Funeral Directors Thinking Outside the Box for Baby Boomers
"We're personalizing everything," said Nathan Smith, founder and president of 'Til We Meet Again, a custom casket and urn company ... based International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association. While the number of deaths has remained steady, the ...